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Category: Linux

Looking for open source projects that need help with packaging

In follow up to a friend’s recent blogpost “Bored Java Dev looking for Open Source project” I’m also looking for an open source project to contribute to. I’m not that much of a developer but I’d like to get more familiar with Linux distribution packaging. I have basic experience creating
Gentoo ebuilds, Debian DEB and CentOS RPM packages, but I want to learn and to get more involved.

Anyone with a promising new open source project feel free to send me a request at
tom [at] I do however have some prerequisites:

  • Free and Open Source Software only, no exceptions
  • Non-commercial projects only
  • Preferably not limited to one (Linux) distribution
  • No Qt (KDE) applications due to personal preferences

What I can offer:

  • Spare time
  • Dedication
  • Build farm on x86, x86-64 and UltraSparc64

What I can’t offer:

Zabbix 1.8 on CentOS 5

For those who want or need to build Zabbix 1.8 on CentOS 5: there is an excellent RPM Spec file available at Andrew Farley’s blog. He’s also been kind enough to host a series of precompiled RPM packages.

If you look at the changelog you might find yours truly. I’ve contributed a patch to add a couple of dependencies and to fix a couple of bugs. So I thought I should share.

First of all the RPM Spec file:

If you’d like to compile your own packages you might follow this guide:

# yum groupinstall "Development Tools"
# yum install rpmdevtools
# rpmdev-setuptree

To compile for your running architecture:

# rpmbuild -bb --clean zabbix.spec

Or if you’d like to build for a specific architecture:

# rpmbuild -bb --clean --target i686 zabbix.spec

After the compile process you’ll find the RPM files in the following directory: